Scan your network to find hosts to add to NIC Padlock:Host Discovery


NIC Padlock Host View. This data is populated after clicking Retrieve Host Info.NIC Padlock Host View


View a list of applications configured to start automatically for a particular host:

Automatic Start Applications

Perform actions on multiple hosts at once:

Multiple Host Actions

  • Selectively Enable or Disable certain NIC’s on a remote system.
  • Enable/Disable all NIC”s
  • Re-Enable NIC’s after a certain period of time

Advanced NIC control options


There are many actions you can perform on a single host, accessible from the Host Actions menu.

Host Actions


Optionally show a message to the user on the remote computer when you disable their NIC’s

Optional User Message


Specify credentials to use when connecting to the remote system.



The first time NIC Padlock is launched, you are required to enter a password to protect the data file.

This is what ensures that any stored passwords are secure and protected. NIC Padlock implements AES 256 CBC encryption to secure information sensitive information in the data file. This is the same encryption approved by the U.S. Government’s NSA for top-secret level documents.

Secure data file