NIC Padlock

NIC Padlock is designed to allow a system administrator to either temporarily or permanently disable a remote system’s network interface cards (NIC’s). NIC Padlock also supports enforcing that all adapters are enabled on the remote system. A quick summary of its features are:

  • Disable all network adapters
  • Choose to display a message to the user when NIC’s are disabled
  • Enable all network adapters
  • Re-enable the adapters that were disabled after a configurable time period
  • Retrieve a remote computer’s list of auto-run programs


In a recent survey of IT managers and executives, nearly half of respondents admitted that if they were fired tomorrow they would walk out with proprietary data such as privileged password lists, company databases, R&D plans and financial reports — even though they know they are not entitled to it.

With NIC Padlock, you can easily disable the network capabilities of a recently (or soon to be) departed employee’s desktop or laptop. This can help ensure that your company’s data stays protected.


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